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Luna 1.5 Carat Marquise Solitaire Ring


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Discover the Luna Ring, where modern elegance meets timeless grace. This ring isn't just another piece in your collection; it's a standout marvel that captivates and shines, designed to be noticed. With its raised setting for comfortable wear and its unique crushed ice look, the Luna Ring can stand alone as a statement or blend seamlessly with your favorite stack. It's your go-to for adding a touch of luxury, transitioning effortlessly from sunlight to candlelight.

Why the Luna Ring shines brighter:

  • Designed for stacking, with a pavé setting and a hidden halo for an extra layer of intrigue.
  • Each piece is hand-finished, ensuring unparalleled attention to detail.
  • Crafted from 925 Sterling Silver.
  • Features exquisitely hand-cut 8A Cubic Zirconia stones, with a crushed ice effect that dazzles like real diamonds.
  • The stone measures an impressive 12*6 mm, equivalent to the radiance of a 1.5-carat diamond, set in a high profile that pairs beautifully with a variety of stacking bands.

Elevate your everyday elegance with the Luna Ring—a symbol of regal sophistication and contemporary flair. It's not just jewelry; it's a statement of luxury and style that you'll treasure from dawn till dusk.

Size guide

Measure existing ring

  •  Select an existing ring that fits your desired finger.
  •  Measure the internal diamteter of the ring in mm
  •  Use the below chart to determine your ring size
Inside diameter (mm) 15.6 16.5 17.3 18.2 19.2 19.8
Ring size 5 6 7 8 9 10


Measure your finger

  • Wrap a piece of paper, string or anything you can find to accurately measure around the base of the finger you wish to be sized, hold the end tight.
  • Mark the paper where it meets.
  • Use a ruler or a tape measure to determine the exact measurement around your finger, the circumference. Use below chart to determine your size
Internal Circumference International Sizes
MM USA, Canada
48.7 5
51.2 6
53.8 7
56.3 8
59.5 9
61.4 10
Jewellery care

Here at Two Pearls, we source quality metals and use high quality plating. With that being said, Jewelry can experience normal wear and tear over time. To enjoy your jewelery for many years, please follow these tips:

  • Store them in your Two Pearls Jewelry box

  • Avoid sweat

  • Wipe with soft cloth

  • Do not sleep in your jewelery

  • Avoid chemicals (especially hand cream & sanitizer)

  • Avoid bathing, showering or washing your hands with jewelery on

  • If your 925 Sterling Silver jewellery oxidises, you can easily get rid of the dark marks and tarnish with a polish cloth