Classic Round Tennis Bracelet

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Our Tennis Bracelet is more than just an accessory; it's a statement of elegance that effortlessly brings a magical touch to any look. With its delicate design and hypnotizing stones, this bracelet invites you to dream. Whether you choose to layer it for an opulent effect or wear it solo for a touch of simplicity, this dazzling piece is set to become your new favorite.

Key details of the Tennis Bracelet:

  • Meticulously hand-finished, highlighting our dedication to craftsmanship.
  • 925 Sterling Silver.
  • Adorned with sparkling 5A Cubic Zirconia stones, each measuring 3 mm, designed to catch the light and captivate.
  • The bracelet has a slim profile with a surface height of 2.7 mm, making it both striking and comfortable to wear.

How to handle with care:

To Unclasp:

The ball clasp is designed for security and ease. Gently pull both ends of the bracelet inward, creating more space for the ball to move. Then, unclasp both sides of the fastening and push the button to unlock and separate.

To Secure: Push the ends of the bracelet slightly towards each other to give the ball more room to pass through the fastening. Secure by clasping both sides of the fastening to lock it in place.

Infuse your style with the enchanting allure of our Tennis Bracelet, a piece that promises to elevate your look with its delicate brilliance and dreamy vibes. Whether as a stand-alone statement or part of a layered ensemble, it's your go-to for an instant touch of glamour.